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6 x Couple Sessions:

Session topics are client led however during the first session we do a 'getting to know you' exercise to better understand your needs so we can spend more time talking about the things that matter to you and what will make the biggest improvements to your partnership.

The 6 sessions includes a 1:1 private coaching session each.

Goal Setting:

Set intentions on what it is you want to achieve and be encouraged to stay on track with your goals, recognise your progress and celebrate successes.


Access to me on the end of the phone, via text or email throughout our time together.


Take advantage of a free library of easy to follow ebooks to use as 'homework' and help you practice what you have learnt between sessions.


This shows accountability and commitment and your relationship.


This is for you if you want to...


Have a safe space with an expert as a relationship sounding board


Work on self-awareness and personal growth


Improve communication skills to lose any frustrations of not being heard or feeling valued

Establish clear and healthy boundaries to maintain individual wellbeing while supporting each other's unique needs

Gain a deeper level of emotional understanding, compassion and empathy

Deepen your intimacy and connection with your partner


Learn healthy and effective coping techniques for any of life’s challenges

What's included in the coaching package?

What my clients say...

Pausefully coaching

Vicki's compassionate approach and deep understanding created a safe space for me to heal and grow.

Pausefully coaching

I've not only learned effective strategies to set and achieve my goals, but also gained the tools to shift my mindset, think differently and release anxiety that was holding me back.

Pausefully coaching

I highly recommend Vicki's coaching as she's helped me understand myself better and get my mojo back again during this transition in my life.

Vicki Hodges Pausefully

Couples Coaching Support Sessions

Wondering how coaching can help you and your partner during menopause?


These personalised sessions are a safe space, free of judgement, for you and your partner to express yourselves, share your experiences, concerns and desires - no topic is too much, embarrassing or taboo.

Menopause can impact everyone so I'm here to support both of you every step of the way with understanding and empathy. I'll listen deeply to both of you, addressing your challenges with compassion and a calm, grounding energy. It's all about offering guidance tailored to your unique needs and strengthening the bond that exists between you.

Our sessions go beyond the surface, delving into the emotional and relational aspects of menopause. Using guided self-discovery and self-awareness techniques we'll work together on healing, releasing stress, and building a deeper connection in your relationship.

Start your journey today...

Sessions are online and each lasts for 60 minutes - every 1-2 weeks for approximately 3 months - you choose a day and time that works around both of your schedules.

Total investment for yourselves is £595

I offer flexible pricing plan to ensure that coaching is accessible to as many couples as possible. My goal is to eliminate any barriers that may hinder you from receiving the help you need.

Book your complementary 30 min curiosity call to ask any questions, discuss options and put that start date in your diary!

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