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Tarot coaching session

Tarot Life Coaching & Personalised Readings

Tarot coaching offers invaluable insights for any areas of life you feel stuck on or need clarity about. Whether you're feeling uncertain, at a crossroads, or seeking answers about any aspects of your life be it relationships, wellbeing and career.


I am a certified transformational life coach, spiritual guide and tarot reader with over 20 years experience.

Tarot readings can facilitate emotional healing, spiritual exploration and growth by addressing underlying emotions, past experiences, and patterns that may be influencing your current situation.

Coaching will help uncover blocks and identify what it is that's preventing you from moving forward. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself so you can make informed decisions on the best way forward for your future and feel empowered.

Are you ready to receive intuitive guidance and direction?Start on your journey towards self-discovery, personal growth and fulfillment.

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If you want to buy this as a gift for someone I can provide a digital gift certificate.

Pausefully coaching

I absolutely loved the combination of a Tarot reading with coaching. Vicki really held the space for me and helped me feel safe as I was able to explore more deeply. The cards really helped me connect more dots and recognise areas that are holding me back.


I found the insights even went beyond the session, as having the tarot reading helped plant the seeds to so much more. It meant that every conversation and insight I had after opened up even more clarity.


I now have a clearly direction of where I want to go and its reinforced my focus and dedication to my goal.


Pausefully coaching

My session with Vicki completely surpassed my expectations! 

Although I’d had a tarot reading before, I’d never experienced it with coaching combined. This powerful combination not only deepened my understanding of what I heard but also helped me internalise it and come up with creative ways of applying what I heard to my next steps. 

Vicki was excellent, focused on me and my cards, listening deeply to what I said and asking thoughtful and thought-provoking questions.


After the session, she also surprised me with her deeply intuitive and connected vision and thoughts she shared to further my understanding and planning of my next steps. 


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