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Ultimate self-care guide

Welcome to the 'Ultimate Self-Care Guide' ebook - your comprehensive guide to nurturing your mind, body and soul.


Whether you've been too busy to prioritise selfcare, emotionally fatigued, burnt-out or dealing with stress and tension in your life, this ebook can help you feel calmer, happier and empowered to rest, reconnect and recharge.


What's included?


We understand that taking care of ourselves can be overwhelming, especially when you don't know where to begin. That's why we've included easy to follow, step-by-step guidance, self-care checklist and a 14 day stress reduction action plan to help you get started without having to worry about the details.


Eighty pages packed full of essential expert knowledge and practical guidance based around modern holistic therapies and practices, with a focus on self-care and the intention to invite inner calm - a sanctuary for your soul.




  • Comprehensive, easy to follow e-book including daily practices to help you learn and embrace new lifestyle habits.


  • Start living a more peaceful, balanced life all from the ease of your own home and at a time that suits you.


  • Discover ways to better understand your stress response, raise your awareness around patterns of negative thoughts or behaviours, reflect and release old habits that no longer serve you.


  • Feel confident in building healthy coping strategies, stress relief habits and nurturing self-care rituals into your daily routine through a combination of the therapeutic powers of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and journaling.


Your ebook will be available to download as soon as you order so you can start putting the evidence-based holistic wellbeing methods, practical tools and top tips to use straightaway and help yourself to relax and unwind.


Keep it close by, whether in digital form or printed as a booklet, so you can use whenever needed. There are hyperlink in the ebook to provide easy access to valuable resources.


Created by Vicki Hodges, a women's health coach and holistic practitioner.



* All purchases made through digital downloads are non-refundable.


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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

  • Welcome to the 'Ultimate Self-Care' ebook - comprehensive guide to nurturing your mind, body and soul.


    Content summary:


    Chapter 1: Mindful meditation

    Chapter 2: Mindful living

    Chapter 3: Mindful journaling

    Chapter 4: Mindful self-care

    Chapter 5: Mindful relationships

    Chapter 6: Self-care action plan


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