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Vicki Hodges founder of Pausefully

Hello there! I'm Vicki...

Pausefully started out from my desire to hold a safe space for you to feel seen, heard and understood.

I created The Pausefully Hub to provide women with the opportunity to be part of an empowering community that wants to build meaningful connections, feel understood, and prioritise their wellbeing.


My mission goes beyond support; I've got big ambitions to raise awareness on chronic menstrual health conditions and menopause, whilst breaking stigmas and losing taboos. My commitment extends beyond gender boundaries - we aim to educate everyone with informative, factual discussions, creating a safe space where openness, empathy and vulnerability thrive.

I hear you, I see you, I'm here to listen.


Years of my life have been spent being dismissed by professionals and feeling ignore when it came to women's health issues - whether it was my endometriosis, fertility and IVF journey or perimenopause. It took me 22 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis, told that all tests came back 'normal' and I was too young to be perimenopausal. This reaction made me feel disempowered, triggering something inside which left me struggling with anxiety, feeling lost and invisible. 


I was using unhealthy coping strategies to keep the negative emotions away and knew I needed to look within to heal but didn't know where to start. This was a stage of my life to make positive changes and not allow myself to stay as I was. I began my journey of self-love, soul searching and seeking to get to know myself better, whilst nurturing my holistic wellbeing.

Who am I and how can I help you?

I'm a certified women's wellness coach and holistic practitioner, specialising in menstrual health and menopause - I hold qualifications in NLP life coaching, reiki, mindfulness stress reduction, journal therapy, EFT and mental health first aid. I recognise everyone has different life journeys and experiences but we thrive when we're connected to others. The Pausefully Hub was created because I love to bring people together knowing how important social connection is for mental and emotional support.

I recognise the good that comes from women embracing their power


Everyday I feel honoured that women trust in me, allowing themselves to be vulnerable and rise up to reclaim their power. My strong intuitive sense allows me to deeply connect with and tune into individual needs. I'm able to offer guidance that aligns to each woman I am working alongside.​ My professional training, personal experiences and passion equip me with all that's needed to support you.


It's time to prioritise yourself. I am committed to supporting you to unlock the magic you never knew you had. Allow yourself to feel healthier, happier, and become the best version of yourself.

This is my story and what inspires me to help you make a difference to your life

Get to know me

Quote of the day:

''Everything will be okay in the end.

If it's not okay, it's not the end.''


Go to journal prompt:

How am I feeling today?

Star sign:


Crystal of choice:

Clear quartz

Most used emojis:


Guilty pleasure:

Häagen-Dazs cookies and cream ice-cream

Proudest accomplishment:

My twin daughters


To pay it forward and women empowering women


BA (hons) Applied Social Sciences & Health Studies - Lancaster University

Accredited & Certified Life Coach - The Coaching Academy

Accredited & Certified NLP Coach Practitioner

Mental Health First Aid - MHFA England

Certified Menopause Specialist - Dr Newson Health & Fourteen Fish

EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique/ Tapping)

Certified Journal Therapist 

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Reiki Practitioner - Level 2 Usui Style

Chakra & Crystal Healer

Homeopathy Home Prescriber

Tarot Reader

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