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My mission is to empower you.

I'll be there when you need it most - to ask how you are, offering positivity, and guiding you with tried-and-tested techniques to manage your health and wellbeing in a way that works with your daily routine.

As a certified women's health coach with lived experience, I understand your journey. The feelings of loneliness and frustration that come alongside being dismissed, misunderstood, and unsupported can have a huge impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Everything we discuss will be real, honest, and accessible. I promise not to bamboozle or confuse you with excessive scientific jargon. It's like talking with a friend, your cheerleader, who knows the best way to support you.


The goal is for you not to need me for long, as you gain the confidence and knowledge to reclaim control and feel empowered to support yourself in the future. We'll create an easy to follow action plan tailored to your unique needs, so you can confidently achieve positive mind-body wellbeing.

What's included?

1 x 90 Min Initial Session:

Session topics are client led however during the first session we do a life overview - this is to better understand your welbeing needs, spend more time talking about the things that matter to you and what will make the biggest improvements in your life.

Accountability Partner:

Be encouraged to stay on track with your goals, recognise your progress and celebrate successes. Access to me on the end of the phone, via text or email throughout our time together.


60 Min Follow On Sessions:

These following sessions are where we’ll go deeper into each area of your life to address any areas that's causing you concern. leaving you feeling stuck or unsatisfied.

Directory of Specialists:

Guidance as needed on topics like nutrition, sleep, fitness, breathwork, meditation, holistic therapies and signposting to services if required

Goal Setting:

Set intentions on what it is you want to achieve and during each session you will get a step closer to reaching your goal. Together we will create a personalised wellbeing action plan and that helps give you focus and guidance.


Each week you will receive an easy to follow ebook that meets your needs at that time; includes soundbath meditations, mindfulness, EFT, journaling, pilates video, self-care guides, wellbeing check-ins and example action plans.

You'll learn how to...
Pausefully coaching

Use the valuable knowledge, practical tips and effective mindset techniques in your everyday


Clear away any negative thoughts and lose any self sabotaging behaviours


Calm your nervous system, overcome anxiety and invite inner peace

Use healthy coping mechanisms to manage daily challenges and improve overall wellness

Create personal boundaries and say no more often to protect your emotional wellbeing

Set meaningful goals then stay accountable and committed to achieving them

Build deeper, healthier relationships with yourself, others and the world around you.


Radiate self-love, compassion, confidence and empowerment

Invite a positive outlook, clear direction and invite opportunities into your life

Pausefully coaching

How does it work?

Your initial session is 90 minutes, followed by subsequent 60 minute follow on sessions. We'll have regular check-ins to assess your progress. There is no min or max commitment however I recommend at least 3 to achieve the greatest results.


Sessions are via Zoom and you have the flexibility to choose a day and time that works around your schedule.

Investment in yourself is £80 per session

Take the first step and book your complementary, non-obligation 30 min curiosity call to ask any questions.

I offer flexible pricing plan to ensure that coaching is accessible to as many women as possible. My goal is to eliminate any barriers that may hinder you from receiving the help you need.
Vicki Hogdes Founder of Pausefully 1:1 Talk Therapy

1:1 Private Coaching

Join me in a safe and supportive space where you'll have the time to talk, ensuring you feel seen, heard, and understood. Whatever you need to share, no topic is too much or too little - it's important to you. I will listen deeply and without judgement.

Pausefully coaching

Vicki's compassionate approach and deep understanding created a safe space for me to heal and grow.

Pausefully coaching

I've not only learned effective strategies to set and achieve my goals, but also gained the tools to shift my mindset, think differently and release anxiety that was holding me back.

Pausefully coaching

I highly recommend Vicki's coaching as she's helped me understand myself better and get my mojo back again during this transition in my life.

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