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Endometriosis: Advocacy, rights and legal stuff

This e-book provides you with all you need to know about endometrioisis advocacy, rights and legal stuff plus a detailed list of essential questions to ask your doctor, ensuring that you receive thorough and proactive care from the very first consultation.


What's Inside:


The legal stuff and your rights:


  • The specialist care available
  • Disability and employment rights
  • Patient rights and advocacy
  • Legal and advocacy support


Questions to ask your doctor for:


  • Initiating the diagnostic process
  • Understanding initial examinations and tests
  • Exploring diagnostic procedures
  • Understanding the diagnostic process
  • Managing symptoms during diagnosis
  • Educating yourself and advocacy
  • Learn about insurance and costs


Keep it close by, whether in digital form or printed as a booklet, so you can use whenever needed. There are hyperlink in the ebook to provide easy access to valuable resources.

Endometriosis Advocacy, Rights & Legal Stuff

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