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Has perimenopause left you emotional?

When life gets too much we may breathe through it calmly, sometimes we may cry and sometimes we might use laughter. The main thing is to allow our emotions out.

I needed to do this on Friday night. Hormones were in fluctuation, my mood was high then low and I felt a little out of control. To be honest I was acting like a d!ck to those I loved and took time out to apologise, not only to them, but to myself.

I listened to my own advice and paused to look at what it was my body was trying to tell me. It was asking me to accept how I felt, allow my body to feel and express these feelings. Peri-menopause can be an emotional roller-coaster!

Some days it is hard to have acceptance or understanding so I had already had a big shout and then burst into tears but when I realised I could embrace these emotions and take control of them I felt more at peace.

It does take time to build a mindset that allows for relaxation and release of these emotions - some of which may have been stuck and unprocessed for years - but once you have the awareness, you can always use that to bring yourself back to the acceptance and release.

Letting emotions out isn't easy for some of us as we've kept them trapped and locked inside for so long. Maybe we see letting them go as a sign of weakness. Maybe we feel we don't have time to express our feelings as we're constantly putting the needs of others before our own.

This is your reminder to make your emotions your priority. Laugh, cry, journal, talk them through with someone but please let them out 🙏❤️



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