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Take time out during your menopause!

Everyone’s menopause experience is different. Some breeze through with hardly any symptoms whilst others have many.

It’s not just physical symptoms such as hot flushes but psychological ones like anxiety, brain fog, lowered self esteem and mood swings. Self care is really important during this time for many reasons but especially when we are managing our mental health at the same time as our changes to our physical health.

What are you currently doing to take care of yourself? Self care means different things to us all but it can be summed up as doing something that is putting ourselves as a priority and what makes us happy.

How often do you put other people’s needs before your own?

What changes can you make to schedule in some time for self care?

When will you be making time for yourself today?

Remember self care is NOT selfish!!

There are loads of benefits of looking after your mental well-being during peri/menopause so try to add a few of these into your week:

• Make time for exercise

• Eat a nutritious diet

• Practice gratitude

• Lower toxin intake and increase vitamin intake



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